What is the real cost of taking shortcuts in your health, safety, and security training?

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The real cost is likely undetermined.  It all depends on IF something happens and What was taught.  Of course there are other factors such as whether the student understood the content.

When I worked in the hospital, all the students in my class had a very real chance of being called to perform CPR.  As I wound down to my retirement, I was teaching school staff and teachers in California.  Their chances were far less likely to be called to use.

HOWEVER, staff in a school are not immune from the potential to need to apply first aid and CPR.  In fact, two junior high school students suffered Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  These events occurred one year apart from each other.  The same coach SAVED them both, and they both went on to graduate from high school.

Two office staff went to lunch two weeks after one of my classes.  During the meal, one began choking.  The other (who had just taken the class) recognized the signs, asked if she wanted help and performed the Heimlich Maneuver saving the other staff member.

A class usually runs about $110/ea student for the full CPR/First Aid/AED class.  Red Cross, American Heart, and HSI are among the nationally recognized companies offering classes.  

The real difference, in many cases, is the instructor.  I have seen instructors with 20+ students be trained and certified in about an hour.  They had no prior information other than the time to show up and they left with a card they filled out saying they were competent in performing CPR.  Practical training was measured in minutes and it was impossible for the instructor to gauge whether they performed correctly or not.

Now those students had the magical “card” which checked off the box if they had a requirement for their job to be certified.  What they also had was a ticking time-bomb if they ever were called upon to use those skills and made mistakes.  The instructor was also playing Russian Roulette as they would be sued for insufficient training by a wise attorney.  Worst of all, the student will continue to see that face of the person they tried to save but really didn’t know how to do it!

At CRES, we use the HSI training courses which employ several hours of interactive videos the student views at their pace and time.  The in-class portion is all review, Q&A, and a lot of practical work.  Even students re-certifying for the umteenth time tell me they learned something.

Don’t short change your training.  You may need to perform one day and losing means someone loses their life!  We do offer shorter courses for Hands-only CPR, CPR only, First Aid only, and more.  We can even develop independent training for your special needs.