Why I don’t make my Byrna look like a lethal weapon

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To me, it seems ridiculous to make a less lethal weapon look like a real firearm.  We have become used to police officers using a taser or seeing it on their duty belt.  Most of the time it has a lot of yellow or orange panels on it to help distinguish it from the lethal firearm on the other side of the duty belt.

During an attack or intrusion, you will have a huge adrenaline surge.  Unless you train constantly, you will have multiple other uncontrolled physical and psychological responses.  Others, either in the room or when entering the room, will be charged up with energy and adrenaline as well.  You will likely have very diminished hearing and your vision will “pinpoint” to the point everything else around you becomes indistinct.  You are not going to have time to make decisions that require thought.  You are going to act.

When the police arrive, their sole job is to stop the threat in an active shooter situation or a call for an active intruder as it is assumed they too may have weapons.  Officers are trained to find the threat and stop the threat even if it takes firing their weapon.

Even if you have an orange Byrna in your hands when they arrive, get it out of your hands if you can.  If they enter the room and see a black “weapon” in your hands, you just became a potential threat.  Your next move could easily be your last.  If you have an orange “weapon” in your hands, they will at least have a brief moment of doubt giving you time to show you are complying with their every command.  Please comply!

If you are a gun enthusiast, you will be wanting to make “upgrades” to your less lethal gun.  Adding a gun light is a great idea for anyone.  Changing the mechanics of it will nullify the warranty as well as any liability the manufacturer has.  You will stand alone in court, if it comes to it.  If you really want the gun to look real, spend a few more dollars and get a real one after you have been properly trained.

If you carry your less lethal gun in public (not in the open, but under your shirt or jacket, in a purse or fanny pack), remember if you pull it out you are going to start a panic.  Only bring it out if you need it for protection.  It is not for brandishing, scaring, or making a point.

A Byrna Less Lethal Launcher is to give you an effective alternative to using a deadly firearm.  It is not a substitute but it can be an effective message to the person on the receiving end of a 68 caliber ball to the chest!