Why should I choose a Byrna?

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Actually, not just a Byrna, which we sell, but many other options are out there for “less lethal” defense.  So more particularly, why use less lethal defense when someone is breaking into your house, for instance?

Our homes should be an environment representing safety for those inside.  We laugh, play, sleep and usually enjoy peace in our homes.  When we are invaded by anyone who intends to do harm, we are faced with some really dire choices.

  • Run!  Running away from potential harm is always a first choice when possible
  • Hide!  If you can’t get completely away from an intruder, find somewhere to hide.  The bigger, beefier, and more metallic it is, the better to stop a bullet
  • Fight!  Fight is the last choice and has the most problematic potential results.  When you have no other choice but to face the challenger, then fight to win.

This is where a less lethal weapon is valuable.  When you are trained to use such a tool as the Byrna, and you practice using it, you can stop an intruder effectively in many cases.  If you fire on the intruder, most likely it will cause a lot of confusion, and pain, but it will be less than lethal unless you hit them in the head, temple, or close up.  There are a lot of devices that can be lethal that are not intended to be.  The old movies used fireplace pokers, lamps, crow bars, bats and more.  So I am not going to say a device like the Byrna will not be lethal.  It is not designed to be.

When a Byrna is fired, the intent is to fire it from a position of distance to keep the intruder away.  The propellant is CO2 and the ammunition is essentially a 68 caliber marble.  Unless fired at very close range, it does not penetrate walls.  When the intruder is hit, they will feel it and it will leave a mark that will last for days.  This should give you time to get to safety and usually will encourage the intruder to get the heck out of the house.

Now imagine the same situation and you decide to use a lethal weapon.

  • You are liable for everything the bullet hits as far as it travels which could be a mile or more
    • Bullets easily go through drywalls
    • Bullets can travel through a floor
    • Bullets can easily pass through a door.
    • Bullets can hit others in the house or even the house next door!
  • You stand a chance of killing or seriously maiming the intruder as well as anyone else in the way of the bullet.
  • You will have the image of this forever in your mind

Full disclosure; I own guns.  I keep them in a safe, unloaded.  If I am forced to use them, I am trained well.  I understand the potential for their use.  The law will determine if you used more force than necessary to stop the threat.  A jury of your peers will confirm or deny that and the judge will make the final ruling.  With a Byrna, I can deter an intruder.  I can fire on the intruder and most likely will not be judged as using unnecessary force.