Why You Shouldn’t Just Shoot Them!

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I have often been confronted with someone in my Active Shooter class saying once the gun has been taken away from the intruder they would “finish them off.”  A long time ago, the law was simpler, and life was too.  When you felt wronged, you usually had to act yourself because there either were no officers, or you were in an area without laws.  If you were in an area where law was represented, you may be deputized into a posse to find the offender, frequently carrying out “justice” upon finding the offender.  The judge and jury were on horses, carrying big guns, had badges, and often had already determined you were guilty. 

Today it’s not that simple.  Yesterday, I tried AI to find the answer.  AI isn’t allowed to help with violent subjects (at least the Microsoft sidebar AI).  I Googled it.  I got pages and pages of hits, none of which addressed the straightforward question.  Most often, they were discussing Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground implications.  Frustrated and more confused than before starting, I reached out to a friend who is a Police Chief in California. 

“So a clear way of stating all of this (referring to a legal definition about imminent threat of death) is: If the threat is no longer a threat, you will likely be charged with manslaughter or murder.  Your future could be decided by 12 strangers. Also, you put your entire family’s security at risk if the family (of the person shot to death) files a wrongful death lawsuit.” 

So, once you and your companions have disarmed and detained the intruder, it is highly recommended that you DO NOT EXECUTE the intruder.  They are unarmed, often they are restrained, and they cannot defend themselves.  They are not a threat if imminently endangering your or anyone else’s life.  It will go to court.  You will forever have their death on your hands.  It will cost you a fortune in attorney and court fees.